Solar Panels

Looking at the present situation of earth, the bad state that we have made of it. The extent of pollution that has killed the ecosystem of the earth. Made it devoid of trees, vegetation. Now it’s time to go for alternatives to the present sources. Towards finding and applying renewable sources of energy. There was active participation from companies like Google, Amazon, and AT&T.

The organizers of this protest are suspected to be people of Fridays for the future campaign by CBS News. People of Fridays for the future campaign are those students who walk out of school on Fridays asking their political leaders to take urgent action on climate change.

This campaign can prove historic as people from 150 countries are stepping out of the home to help these young students. The common demand of all people is to stop the use of fossil fuels.

The way it is devastating our earth is terrific. There needs to be a great change taking place which can stop or minimize the use of non-renewable energy. Climate change will go on and on and its stop will never come so the protestors cannot stop.…

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