Storage Battery

When it comes to buying a house, what comes to your mind is energy efficiency. It includes that every part of the home that is a wall, roof, and foundation, should be well insulated. The house should be located at a place where there is an adequate supply of sunlight for the proper heating and cooling of the house.

There should be good aeration and enough windows. Now how to make use of the sunlight we receive, how to use it in a way to generate electricity from this renewable source. Let’s see it here.

You can get a photovoltaic (PV) solar panel on your roof or you can install and keep it at a place where you get optimal sunlight. These will give us solar energy converted to chemical energy to work on our home appliances, run various electricity-driven things when it’s not a sunny day. When there is a good sunny day, the scorching sun the grid will absorb all that energy. We need a battery to store this energy.

There is this thing called ‘self-consumption’, in which the house stores solar energy in the battery by the help of this panel and use this stored energy when there is not enough solar production.…

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