Solar Panels

Researches are going on to reduce the cost of making solar cells. It is very difficult to decrease down the manufacturing costs. The only thing which can be done in enhancing the efficiency of energy conversion. The present efficiency of energy conversion of Silicon-based photovoltaic panels is 15 to 18%. Scientists have a big ray of hope for the new material Perovskite which is cheap and economic. 

It absorbs moisture or water, in that time they deteriorate, become unstable and decrease the life span of solar panels. Perovskite was made to stick to the material used. The most used material for manufacturing solar panels approximately 92% used is Crystalline Silicon.

The Perovskite is something new and different from the conventionally used semiconductors for solar cells. Some of the great advantages of Perovskite are that they are thin-film technology, which can be easily printed on plastic and flexible substrates. Also, they can be made from the solution. Silicon requires a long process of refinement in the industry then we get the pure silicon.…

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