Solar Panels

Nature has given us an abundance of sources to help us satisfy our demands. There are energy sources available in all kinds of phases. There is the fresh wind, rapidly flowing which can be used to drive windmills. There is the water at high pressure in dams or waterfall, the potential energy stored in it can produce hydel power.

The sun, the ultimate source of energy gives us sunlight that can be stored. These are those things that are already being worked upon and they are in practice, they are already applied. Here we will see how engineers can use their imagination, creativity, technical minds to make much more from the nature around us.

The imitation of nature in every technique or any machine is not a new thing. It started very long back, Ornithopter designed by Leonardo da Vinci was the application of flapping wings of a bird. Renewable energy is finding applications in many parts of our lives.

Engineers and researchers are continuously finding ways to study nature in the respect of wind, sea and solar so that we can make efficient devices. Those which don’t harm the environment.…

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