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Navigating the Constantly Changing Energy Markets Requires Insight

Faraday's decision intelligence provides the tools you need.

Faraday supplies you with proactive, data-driven guidance, giving you the power to make better energy decisions for your business.

With Faraday you can:
  • Reduce energy costs and save on your bottom line
  • Understand short and long-term power market dynamics
  • Perform historical analysis, monitor live market signals and conditions and access proprietary predictive analytics
  • Make better informed procurement and hedging decisions
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Intelligence Behind the Data

In a world of increasing data overload, Faraday uses artificial intelligence methodologies to cut through the noise; digesting, comprehending and curating information to form high impact insights.
Data Mining

Faraday mines billions of data points daily to provide you with intelligent foresight regarding your energy needs.

Machine Learning

We use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to improve Faraday’s forecasting and decision optimization capabilities.

Pattern Recognition

Faraday makes sense of the information overload-providing insight into otherwise uninterpretable and disparate information.