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Discerning meaningful patterns from random data is what our analytics is all about.

Our Data Scientists and Energy Experts guide our customers to the best energy prices.

Our Technology: Detecting Patterns From Randomness

Some call it predictive analytics but our cloud-based platform is much more than that. It's a unique form of real-time predictive analytics, which among other things, sifts through and discerns countless seemingly random patterns in data to generate actionable information.


How does it work? It starts with our kWantera Analytics™ finding many, many patterns and relationships and ultimately isolating a few and, with the addition of our kWant Team's expertise, translating these insights into purchase recommendations. The vast speed, scale and volume of data required to generate our purchase recommendations and customized energy strategies makes it impossible to be done manually.


Our customers - energy buyers and managers - have the ultimate control over each of our spend decisions. But many customers contractually bind kWantera to make these decisions on their behalf. Those who have consistently followed kWantera's advice have seen up to 15 percent reduction in their energy spend.


The Human Guidance Behind our Technology

Our kWantera Analytics platform does not work on auto-

pilot. Quite the contrary. Our kWant Team of Energy Data

Scientists and Energy Analysts constantly monitors and

assesses the performance of our platform to ensure it

delivers the best possible energy prices for each and every

one of our customers' facilities.


Our kWant Team works with each customer to create an

approach that is aligned with his/her risk tolerance and

procurement strategy. In effect, this seamlessly becomes

an integral part of our customer's day-to-day energy

management operations. For some companies, that could

mean recommending, (should the customer so choose),

implementing our energy purchase recommendations on

behalf of the customer on a daily basis, while for other customers the action is less frequent. In other words, we'll structure our kWantera Analytics platform to fit within your boundaries and comfort level - knowing that the ultimate end goal is to get you the best possible price on your energy.

Read our latest Q&A with Steve Lettieri, kWantera's Senior Data Scientist. To learn more about Steve, read through his biography.

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