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Pay Only If You Save

We save our customers up to 15% on their electricity and natural gas purchases. Aside from a small up-front set-up fee, our customers pay us if - and only when - they save money, as we're paid from a portion of the savings we generate. We encourage our customers to try us out, which is why we offer a special reduced price 60-day trial period. Our customers are free to cancel their contract at any time throughout the contract period.


It Pays to Save Money

Our customers typically save 15% on their energy procurement. Once we have set up our customized service there are no out of pocket costs to you. This is because our fee is paid after the savings have been realized and is based on the actual savings.


Our Best Customer Partnerships

Our service will benefit any organization seeking to reduce the risks and maximize the benefits from procuring electricity and/or gas in the real-time markets. Our service is customized for each of your locations to ensure we deliver the greatest possible value.


Our service is not for everyone. We focus on industrial and commercial electricity and natural gas customers that currently have or are seeking to have flexible purchasing arrangements with their current or prospective energy suppliers. Purchasing flexibility takes many forms but what is most important for kWantera is a customer with the ability to purchase some portion of their electricity and natural gas in the spot market.


We reduce our customer's purchase price across its facilities rather than in one location. For natural gas purchasing, we service a wide variety of customers throughout the North America. In the case of electricity purchasing, we focus on industrial and commercial consumers in the deregulated markets of the United States.


Want to get started? (Call 412-481-1111 or email us at ) Call us so we can understand a bit more about your company. Then, we'll take a look at how, where and when you purchase electricity, natural gas (or both) and suggest strategies customized to you.

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