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It's All About The Data

Data is only useful translated into information and then to meaningful action. kWantera understands how to draw actionable information from masses of disparate data collected all day, every day of the year. We're not talking just about the data everyone might be familiar with such as weather, demand, price, availability and systems constraints, but we also are regularly experimenting with and adding countless other varied data sources, some of which would appear to have little direct connection to energy. The key is the harvest data that generates meaningful actions that, in turn, get you the best energy price.


Customized For You

We could not get you the best price for your electricity and natural gas without knowing a lot about our customers' hourly energy consumption. That is why we're not only streaming data from the market but also directly and continuously from each of our customers' facilities. Our customers' data helps us further optimize the timing and amount of our customers' energy purchases.


Serious About Security

Because our data is collected in the cloud, we don't need to navigate company firewalls or install software on your end. We care deeply about your data security needs and are to prepared to operate in full compliance of them.

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