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kWantera Renewable Index

Maximize the Value of your Generation Asset
and Lower Your Market Risk

How exposed are you?

Every day in the wholesale Electricity Market, you are exposed to many risks

How much are you going to generate tomorrow?

What is the market going to pay you?

Is your hedge contract going to be successful?

Using our cutting edge predictive analytics, the kWantera Renewable Index helps you manage these uncertainties to reduce your risk and maximize the value of your renewable assets. 

There is a better way!

With future insight into Day-Ahead and Real-Time market prices you can hedge your risk and produce a strong ROI for your renewable assets.

The kWantera Renewable Index provides:

  • Next day Real-Time and Day-Ahead price forecasts.
  • Customized Day-Ahead schedules into the market to limit your risk and maximize your revenue.
  • Optimized Day-Ahead/Real-Time market strategies to hedge your risk around your hedge contracts.
  • Probabilities around next day Real-Time price ranges for operation and maintenance decisions.

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