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Market Price Forecasts

Do you know what the prices will be today and tomorrow?
Gain greater transparency into opaque, fast-moving electricity markets

kWantera helps you make daily decisions

No one knows exactly what electricity prices are going to do on a daily basis. The electricity markets are fast moving, volatile, and to-date have been difficult to predict.

The day-ahead price is often more predictable than the real-time price.  But is it more advantageous for you?

Generator outages and random events add to the volatility and uncertainty of pricing in the markets.

So what are you supposed to do?

There is a better way!

With our Market Price Forecasts you can gain a market edge and make energy management decisions with confidence!

kWantera’s Power Forecasts include next day (Real-Time and Day-Ahead) price forecasts at the zone and hub level for:

  • PJM
  • MISO
  • More to come…

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​kWantera provides market data services to customers regardless of their intended utilization or market participation activities, including electricity consumption, procurement, resale or generation​​ in ​all markets where we operate. These services may differ​ by customer. An affiliate of kWantera is in the business of trading wholesale energy for its own account based upon market data services from kWantera that may differ​ from, or be contrary to, those services provided to kWantera's customers.​ kWantera has no liability to its customers on account of these activities.​