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Optimized Buying

How do you manage your energy buying?

Are you overpaying for your electricity supply?

kWantera can help you manage your buying strategy

  • Get a lower average price from the market
  • Reduce your exposure to price spikes
  • Manage your energy consumption more efficiently
Optimized Buying

There is a better way!

kWantera’s Optimized Buying tool provides:

  • Next day Real-Time and Day-Ahead price forecasts.
  • Customized buying decisions for your portfolio
  • Price sensitive bidding strategies
  • Real-Time measurement for reporting and benchmarking
  • Exportable savings and analysis reports for your business
  • Access to your own personal energy analyst with experience in your market
Optimized Buying

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​kWantera provides market data services to customers regardless of their intended utilization or market participation activities, including electricity consumption, procurement, resale or generation​​ in ​all markets where we operate. These services may differ​ by customer. An affiliate of kWantera is in the business of trading wholesale energy for its own account based upon market data services from kWantera that may differ​ from, or be contrary to, those services provided to kWantera's customers.​ kWantera has no liability to its customers on account of these activities.​