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Generator Optimization

How do you manage your generation fleet?
Optimizing generation run time, downtime, and market offer strategies can make a big impact.

Where do you make your margin?

Do you think you could reduce your operating costs and increase your top-line revenues through data science optimization?

Most generators could do more with high-fidelity price forecasts in the Day-Ahead market.

Fossil-fuel generators are challenged in their ability to clear their MWs into the market at times that will provide them the most profit.

There is a better way!

With greater transparency and confidence around what the Day-Ahead and Real-Time market prices are going to do, you can hedge your risk, increase profitability, and in turn deliver a large financial impact to your entire company.

kWantera’s Generator Optimization tool provides:

  • Next day Real-Time and Day-Ahead price forecasts.
  • Customized offer curve schedules to increase revenues.
  • Predictions of whether you will be dispatched to generate, and for how long.
  • Confidence intervals around Real-Time price ranges and risk.

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