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Power Quality

Poor power quality is an insidious, complex problem costing industrial commercial and institutional energy consumers billions of dollars annually in damaged infrastructure and lost productivity. Energy managers combat this daily with a sophisticated and ever-expanding array of power conditioning equipment and consultants in a never-ending battle to prevent power quality issues before they become very costly problems. Nevertheless, despite best efforts, ‘unforeseen’ power quality problems unexpectedly wreak havoc on your operations. Why?


First, the costliest power quality problems are often the most difficult to identify and rarely originate from the energy provider, but surprisingly from your own operations. Second, in spite of all the power management equipment installed, power quality is a continuous, real-time problem that demands a high-level of constant attention and technical sophistication beyond the capacity of all but the most advanced power quality engineering teams.



kWantera adds a level of data analysis and predictability to any existing power monitoring system and prevents expensive power quality interruptions. kWA Power Quality is cloud-based, automated and real-time application that cross-correlates the many complex, electrical interactions across your entire facility, building or plant. It identifies and prevents power quality issues before they become problems while providing unprecedented insight into your power system. You will troubleshoot equipment malfunctions faster, prevent power quality problems from disrupting production and make expert power management decisions.

How it Works

kWA Power Quality uses high volumes of real-time, high-velocity, disparate data from your existing electrical infrastructure via smart meters, sensors and your building automation system to generate real-time power quality recommendations for your energy managers. It is an adaptive, automated, AI-driven energy management platform that continually profiles your electrical infrastructure in order to recognize anomalous patterns, It determines if they’re important, and generates a recommended remedy. kWA Power Quality also provides powerful visualization tools to drive fast troubleshooting, root-cause analysis, and optimization.


Smart Meter Support

kWantera Analytics has drivers for the following smart meter manufacturers: Eaton, GE, Square D/Schneider, Allen-Bradley, Electro-Industries, and BMI-Dranetz. Meters from other manufacturers and connections to sensors and other data sources can be quickly added.

kWantera Analytics

The kWantera Analytics (kWA) platform relies on the latest advances in AI for our cost-saving applications. It automatically analyzes and cross-correlates vast streams of real-time data from an ever-growing variety of disparate sources in order to generate actionable recommendations for energy managers and buyers.


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