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PITTSBURGH, April 10, 2012 -- kWantera, Inc. announced today the expansion its sales, marketing and application engineering teams into to accommodate customer deployments and interest in its energy management software products and services. The company has recently hired three veteran sales executives who will focus on large commercial buildings, universities, hospitals, data centers, hotels and a variety of industrial manufacturers in the mid-Atlantic and mid-west regions of the U.S. A deployment manager has been hired to build an application engineering team to meet the growing demand for kWantera Analytics installations. kWantera is currently seeking one additional sales engineer and a marketing coordinator with additional hiring expected in the third quarter of this year.


"kWantera Analytics has successfully reached all of its milestones for effectiveness, reliability and cost savings for the initial group of customer deployments," explains Mark DeSantis, CEO of kWantera. "Our value proposition is so compelling that when we get in front of the individual in an organization who has financial responsibility for energy management decisions, we almost always move forward with a project. The market made the expansion decision for us."


kWantera is the only energy management software company that provides three applications that satisfy three independent but often over-lapping needs in the marketplace - Demand Management, Power Quality and Energy Procurement. "We have the ability provide total energy management that can result in millions of dollars of cost savings as well as greatly improved risk management" says Bruce Smith, kWantera's VP of sales and marketing. "Our new sales and deployment teams will work with each customer to determine how kWantera Analytics can make the most short-term financial impact as well execute a plan to achieve long-term, sustainable improvement in the procurement, consumption and use of energy."

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