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kWantera Expands Sales and Marketing Staff

Pittsburgh: April 10, 2012

kWantera announced today the expansion of its sales, marketing and application engineering teams to accommodate growing customer deployments and interest in its energy management services platform. The company recently hired three veteran sales executives to focus on large commercial buildings, universities, hospitals, data centers, hotels and a variety of industrial manufacturers across North America. A Director of Customer Support was also added to the team to meet the growing demand for kWantera Analytics installations. kWantera is currently seeking additional sales and marketing staff with hiring expected in the third quarter of this year. 


"Our customers have come to rely on kWantera Analytics as their total energy management solution," explains Mark DeSantis, CEO of kWantera. "Not only do we save them a lot of money, but we do so without requiring them to learn anything new, change their behavior or install anything costly."


kWantera is getting warm reception from CFOs, COOs, energy managers and others looking to take advantage of deregulation as well as lower both financial and operational risk associated with the use of energy. "We are the only energy management software company that provides a continuum of decision- support capabilities including load shifting and load shaping strategies, power quality improvement, and cost-effective energy procurement,” says Bruce Smith, kWantera's vice president of sales.


kWantera Analytics provides unprecedented visibility into a company's energy usage that goes beyond energy consumption. “Customers are discovering operational deficiencies and risks associated with their HVAC, IT, and production equipment that they didn't know existed,” adds DeSantis. "kWantera Analytics monitors everything associated with energy from millisecond voltage spikes that might affect a sensitive surgical robot to the smooth ramp of a 10,000 horsepower motor."