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A new name and a new office for MobileFusion

February 24, 2012

Date: Friday, February 24, 2012, 8:53am EST

It’s been a busy last couple months for the company formally known as MobileFusion.


For starters, the energy management software firm changed its name to kWantera, and the team moved from its location on Sarah Street in the South Side to the Cigar Factory on Smallman Street in the Strip District.


The new 5,000-square-foot office can accommodate the expected growth, said CEO Mark DeSantis. The young company is up to eight employees and is looking for four more people in sales, account services and technical development.


The new name was created by looking at all the pieces of the company, DeSantis said. The team didn’t want a descriptive name but still wanted to get across what they do. So here it is:


kW, like kilowatt, which addresses the company’s energy focus


kWant, sounds like quantitative and the company is all about analysis


tera because they use lots of data


The company takes a customer’s energy usage data in real time and feeds it into software that analyzes the information and then spits out alerts and recommendations about what actions should be taken to reduce energy costs.

New name and new office - Pittsburgh Business Times