Implementing kWantera Analytics (kWA) is fast and easy. In many cases, you'll be up and running in a few days and achieving cost-saving recommendations in less than a week. Every facility owner's needs are different so we'll tailor a solution that meets your requirements. You'll then be able to use kWA's exploratory user interface to learn more about your facilities' electrical behavior and generate additional results on your own.


More data means better decisions. Fortunately, every electrical system generates huge quantities of valuable power-related data and we know how to get it. Our engineers will configure kWA to tap your existing smart meters and begin collecting terabytes of data in as little as a few hours.  In some cases, we may need to install a few additional meters or sensors, working closely with your engineering team to ensure compatibility with your operational requirements.

We're serious about data security. Most of our customers choose to manage their data in our cloud-based environment which uses the latest internet security. Our cloud-based approach is the fastest path to getting results and has the lowest cost of ownership. Other customers choose to keep all of their data inside a corporate firewall, which kWA easily accommodates. kWA can be installed directly on corporate servers with the same high reliability of service.


Thirty days are typically required for kWA to gather a critical mass of data in order to provide accurate recommendations. But kWA never stops getting better. With its advanced machine learning technology, kWA continually expands its knowledge base for increasingly more precise recommendations that will lower your total cost of power well into the future.