Demand Management

Energy managers are constantly searching for ways to lower their electrical load using a variety of load-reducing and load-shifting methods such as thermal storage, heat recovery and control systems for lighting and HVAC. Yet facilities managers and building operators are still leaving a lot of money on the table. The way to achieve substantial savings without compromising operations is with the data you already have (and may not know it).


kWantera Demand Management harvests the large quantity of power data your facilities generate every second of every day. This often-unused data becomes the raw resource that kWantera Analytics uses to generate precise load schedules that reduce power consumption and peak demand - all in real-time, continuously and automatically.


kWantera Demand Management relies on machine learning technology to analyze terabytes of data from a variety of sources, including smart meters, sensors, SCADA systems, weather, occupancy and utility prices. Implementation is fast and easy and cost savings are immediate and substantial.

At MobileFusion, we’re so confident in our ability reduce your electric bill that we allow customers to pay us as a percentage of cost savings. 

How It Works

Implementing kWantera Demand Management starts with our team modeling your facility’s load using ‘fixed asset’ data, such as architectural features and equipment signatures, as well as ‘variable data’, such as consumption and forecasts (e.g. weather). The model is then tested against historical results and fine-tuned for accuracy. At full operation, kWantera Analytics produces an hour-by-hour schedule for each customer-defined facility and automatically provides real-time set point adjustments to energy managers via text and email.

Cost-saving Guarantee

At kWantera, we’re so confident in our ability reduce your electric bill that we’ll allow you to pay us as a percentage of your actual cost savings.

kWantera Analytics

kWantera Analytics (kWA) is the software product that serves as the basis for kWantera’s three cost-saving applications. It analyzes and cross-correlates vast streams of real-time data from disparate sources and sends specific recommendations by way of text messages and email alerts. kWA also provides a powerful visualization environment, including its own search engine, for exploratory investigation of a facility’s electrical behavior.