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Astute customers realize there is a way to take advantage of kWantera's services. The prices of electricity and natural gas are constantly changing. Yet most industrial and commercial energy consumers rightly pay a fixed price for that energy to their provider to avoid the occasional upswings in energy prices. However, there is now a way to take advantage of those price changes - both increases and decreases - to save money on electricity and natural gas without assuming the adverse risk of prices changes.


The Real Risk Is Having Very Little Information

The initial reaction we have from prospective customers after they hear our pitch to save them money is, 'there is no free lunch.' They rightly assume that if I move away from a fixed priced contract to purchase my energy that I will be taking on more risk. There is always some risk in any transaction but in the case of kWantera not nearly enough as people think (or fear). Our analytics and our contracts account for that risk because we share in it. We make our money when and as you save money and above all don't leave you worse off!


We also like to remind our customers that energy prices go up and down every minute of every day. Varying energy prices is not a risk to us as our key to success is harvesting changing prices, whichever direction they go. That is why the risk of paying too much for  energy is sometimes just as present in a fixed contract. You’re exchanging price certainty for greater savings that you could enjoy down the road.


We think that's risky.

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