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A kWanterian Approach

Finding and getting the best price for your energy anywhere, anytime is no longer a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.


Deregulation created savings opportunities and data is the raw material to cease them. How? Prices change every day and making sense of these changes, let alone take advantage of them, can be daunting. In fact, often far too daunting for all but the most sophisticated energy buyers, which is the main reason most energy customers opt for fixing the price of their energy purchases.


But what if you could take advantage of those daily (and even hourly) price changes, both up and down, to substantially lower the price of your purchased energy? Harvesting savings from price changes and differences would require constant day-to-day data analysis, insight and actions. That is what we do.


kWantera is an advanced, real-time analytic platform that analyzes a wide variety of streaming data which impacts energy demand and prices and generates every day purchase recommendations. Our kWantera Analytics, complimented by our kWant Services Team reaches deep down into your facility's consumption and pricing node to get you the best price.


The technology the drives our business is sophisticated and complex. But the way in which we apply it for your benefit is actually very simple. We believe it fulfills the promise of deregulation: better prices for energy customers. We’re changing an industry. And you will be the beneficiary.

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