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Mark DeSantis

Chief Executive Officer

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Abhishek Sharma

Vice President of Energy Services

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Robert Hanvey

Vice President of Sales

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Ken Durrett

Chief Financial Officer

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It takes a unique expertise, together with the integration of some very different disciplines, to make it all work, which is why we have specialists in data science, operations, energy finance and policy. Thanks to our management, intelligent and forward-thinking enthusiasts have followed them to kWantera and now are part of our unique culture of kWants (and non-kWants!)


kWant Services

The kWantera Analytics platform is complemented by a staff of experienced energy professionals and energy data scientists. Our kWant Services team is constantly exploring and identifying novel ways our customers can harvest the benefits of constantly changing energy prices. Though real-time data and data analysis is at the core of our success, it is our kWant team members who are ultimately responsible for generating the savings we promise.

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