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About Us

kWantera is a company dedicated to getting customers the best price on electricity and natural gas. We've transformed how our commercial and industrial energy across North America purchase energy. The deregulation of North America's energy markets continues and we make sure our customers are able to take full advantage of the promise of changes in the energy rules of the game.


We use vast amounts of real-time data from our customers, from the market and from countless other sources to find and capture the best energy prices for our customers.


Recognized for its analytics excellence, kWantera also provides an integrated service to wholesale trading desks, which uses its insights to support trading decisions. kWantera is led by a team of seasoned executives and funded by venture capital. Its headquarters is in Pittsburgh, PA with sales offices throughout North America.

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2740 Smallman Street, Suite 401

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone: 412-481-1111

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